lawMan Arrested and Jailed for a Month for Hauling Legal Hemp

January 9, 2020by Dan Branum0
This poor guy was arrested and jailed in Arizona before driving to Texas where he was again arrested and jailed for nearly a month. As it turns out the guy was just hauling LEGAL hemp from CA to NY.
I think its *almost* excusable that the arresting officers made the mistake, given the recent changes in law and the fact this was in a U-Haul truck which looks suspicious, etc. However, to keep this guy overnight, let a lone for a month! What an awful way to spend the holidays away from one’s family. Apparently the driver was to be paid $2500 for driving the load from CA to NY. Companies and law enforcement are going to have to work around these issues and quickly.
This goes to show that changing the law requires more than just changing words on paper. 
-Dan Branum
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