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Business Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Zealous advocacy

While we all wish disputes could be settled fairly without the intervention of attorneys, all too often we are forced to rely on the court system to achieve a just result. At Branum PLLC, our goal is to listen to our clients and craft a cost-conscious litigation plan that meets each client’s individual needs. Our attorneys have substantial pre-trial and trial experience, and we ensure that our caseload is small enough to allow us to fiercely advocate for every client we accept.

Real Estate Litigation
Simplifying the complex

Although we bring the same talent and experience to real estate litigation as we do our more general commercial litigation practice, our broad knowledge of real estate-specific issues makes us uniquely suited to assist our clients in resolving complicated property matters.

Family Law
Empathetic engagement

The attorneys at Branum PLLC are aware of how difficult and complicated it is to navigate human relationships. That’s why we provide non-judgmental advocacy for our clients with the goal of achieving fair resolutions in even the toughest cases. Our attorneys have experience handling a wide variety of family law issues, including divorces, child custody disputes, asset divisions, and adoptions.

Exceptional management and review

Our attorneys have extensive experience managing large e-discovery projects. Branum PLLC attorneys use best practices to ensure that data is properly and efficiently collected, processed, and reviewed with the highest degree of care and control. We work with third-party vendors to get our clients the best rates available in the market and can handle any sized project.

Whether you’re a client who needs trained eyes to review documents in anticipation of litigation or a small firm or solo attorney who needs a team of lawyers to help manage information in your cases, we have the ability to intelligently analyze substantial amounts of documents in a short period of time at reasonable prices.

Business Start-Ups
Empowering your business

Many of our attorneys have owned small businesses, and we love getting new businesses off the ground. Whether you need help deciding what type of entity to form, assistance filing and drafting your formation and entity documents, or guidance in developing a business plan, we are a trusted source of information and ingenuity.

Pursuing justice

It is an unfortunate reality that fair results are not always achieved during the course of litigation. However, litigants can often appeal an unjust result and have their claims re-evaluated. We excel at reviewing prior cases and drafting compelling and intelligent briefs designed to elicit fair and reasonable resolutions of complicated cases.

Plaintiff’s Work
Assistance in your time of need

Through our relationship with Branum Law Offices, PLLC , a law firm owned by Dan Branum’s brother, we assist individuals in pursuing claims of catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, and bad faith insurance.

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